House Progressive Caucus: Contact info (Including Social Media)

After the overwhelming turnout to the State House on June 20, in support of #SafeCommunitiesAct and against family separations from Trump’s racist immigration policies, the Massachusetts House Progressive Caucus issued a strong statement of “Support” for the Safe Communities Act.

We applaud this reaffirmation of their commitment at this moment.

But there are literally mere weeks left… and the all-important Budget Conference Committee might release its report as early as next week.

Our time to ensure strong SCA policy passage is coming down to maybe days.

So we need the Progressive Caucus to organize its members and their colleagues, in lobbying their own leadership — Speaker DeLeo and Hse. Conf. Chair Jeffrey Sanchez– to finally, FINALLY, move Safe Communities Act protections over the finish line.

In the formal and scripted argot of the #GoldenBubble, statements mean nothing… but a LETTER, sent to leadership… That means something.

Join us in asking the @MAProgCaucus –as a caucus, and the individual members (listed below)– to write a letter to Leadership.

We saw what pressure can do after Wednesday’s amazing day at the State House. Legislators have responded. We must pressure some more to turn “Support” into Action!

Please contact the members of the House Progressive Caucus, by phone, email, facebook, twitter, pony express… By all channels–we must get the word out soon!

This list is as far as we know, and we welcome feedback/updates (t’s a bear of a job keeping these updated!). Progressive Caucus members with twitter accounts can be found on our list–we count 48!

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