Families Are Separated in Massachusetts, Too.

Did you listen to the gutwrenching audio of little children crying for their parents at the border?

This is the soundtrack to Trump’s racist, cruel regime. There’s something about the voices of children, unvarnished pain, that brings it home.

Children are being separated from their parents in Massachusetts. Their pain is also real. Hear the cries of children, this time pain that is released with the joy of reunification…and ask, why are we not doing MORE, right here, in Massachusetts, to stop this from happening?

The Deciders need to hear from us.

Over and over until it is finished.

Pass the #SafeCommunitiesAct protections. #KeepFamiliesTogether.

The evil is everywhere, not just at the border. It is here in Massachusetts, and good people must only do nothing for it to flourish and thrive.

See these posts for tips, actions:

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