“Safe Communities Act”: In June 2018, 4 Proposals

“Safe Communities Act” refers to a set of state and local policies around immigrants, community safety, and federal plans for “Muslim” or other registries.

These policy proposals have had a variety of inflections over 6 years since their first introduction (as “The Trust Act”).

Whether as a bill or standalone policies enacted thru the state budget, right now, when we refer to “Safe Communities Act,” we are referring to these 4 policy handles:

In June 2018, these policies are making their way thru the budget process. As of June 16, 2018, the status is:

  • 4 Safe Communities Act Provisions were passed by the MA Senate
  • The fate of those 4 policies rests with the Budget Conference Committee, which reconciles House and Senate versions of the state budget.

You can find more info about the budget process, what you can do to help, and more, on other posts on our site.

But, until these policies are made law, the “ask” of you, supporters of justice for all, is that you contact your legislators —

— especially in the House (your state rep, the Speaker of the House and the Chair of the Conference Committee Rep Jeffrey Sanchez)

Read more on this site: 

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