The Budget Process

Sometimes it seems that our Legislators use the arglebargle of their (confusing!) Inside-the-Building Process as a way of fending off our advocacy.  Making you think you don’t really know “how things work,” maybe you might not be so confident in your efforts. Maybe you’ll believe them, and you’ll give up.


If legislators say they don’t have power, it’s only because they’ve given it up. Anyway, here’s an overview of the Budget Process, in the presentation below.

Quick recap: Safe Communities Act has been passed INTO the budget by the Senate and is now in the hands of the Conference Committee, which could either include it in the final budget, gut it to uselessness, or jettison it all together.

Our job? Tell the deciders (right now, Speaker DeLeo and House Conference Committee Chair, Jeffrey Sanchez) and your own State Rep: we want to see this pass.

Your state rep can advocate to their leadership (Sanchez, DeLeo)–but they definitely will not unless they hear from you. Don’t let them tell you they can’t.

(Want to see this embiggened in another window? click here)

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