Should the Legislature Adopt the SCA? – Op-Eds from Boston

“The legislation draws a clear line between law enforcement and immigration enforcement, allowing police to focus on public safety. Passage will strengthen bonds between police and immigrants in our communities, and encourage witnesses and victims to report crimes and assist police investigations — particularly important for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.”

Marcia Szymanski, CEO of New Hope – Southern Metro Area

“The Safe Communities Act can’t erase the impact of this administration’s policies, but it can ensure that within Massachusetts, immigrants and their families know they’re safe calling 911, seeking medical care, and reporting crimes. We need to draw a clear line between immigration and law enforcement, and ensure that our resources are used to make our communities stronger, healthier, and safer – not to terrify our neighbors.”

Elisabeth Poorman, Primary Care Doctor in Everett – Northern Metro Area

“Police and other public safety officials play a crucial role in helping us protect survivors of domestic violence and their children. In the past, we have successfully encouraged immigrant survivors to overcome their fears and report their abusers to police. We explained that seeking help would not put them at risk of losing their children through deportation. In the current climate, we can no longer say this with certainty.”

Laura VanZandt, REACH Beyond Domestic Violence – Western Metro Area

Boston Globe, 12 Jan. 2018

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