UPDATED: 3/30/2018: As unbelievable as it may seem in “liberal Massachusetts,” the first MA Legislative session during the Trump administration (with its unprecedented, baldly racist deportation dragnet) has ceded its power and done nothing to advance the Safe Communities Act legislatively. We are tired of waiting for better angels, and we are not giving up. Whether thru budget or reviving SCA from committee–Massachusetts legislators SHOULD have the numbers and the moral courage to pass these provisions. Find our more about the “budget strategy”, here… but most importantly: MAKE. NOISE.

When you’re done with your calls! Please plug with the Coalition’s grassroots work; sign up your group, or yourself, here!

NB: we can be contacting our leaders about SCA even when there isn’t a specific calling campaign (indeed, please do!) as there is, above. When you do, please share your outreach so we know what’s going on in the field (and get your intel!) Find more general use-script/reporting forms here